Active Traffic Construction road closure services in Malaysia typically refer to the planned and temporary shutdown of a section of a road or an entire roadway for a specific period.


Road Closure by Active Traffic Construction

Road closure could be due to various reasons, such as maintenance, construction, special events, parades, or any situation that requires restricting access to a particular road.

Need Our Service to Road Closure

In Active Traffic Construction, we provide service road closures is typically a collaborative effort involving local authorities, law enforcement, event organizers, and the public. The goal is to balance the need for temporary closures with minimizing disruptions and ensuring the safety of all road users.

Services That We Offer Traffic Management Plan Traffic Safety Report Traffic Management Team Traffic Control Plan

Traffic Management Plan

There are five category in Road Closure and we provide all type of road closure based on any TMP of the road & highway.

Traffic Management Team

Each of these Traffic Management Team has a different purpose that needs to be known any drawing road/path closure work.

5 Main Zones For Traffic Management

Advance Warning Zone

Transition / Tapper Zone

Buffer Zone

Working Zone

Termination Zone

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