ACTIVE TRAFFIC CONSTRUCTIONS SDN BHD(ATCSB) is a company that provide all type of Traffic Management Solution, Safety Equipment, Machineries and Road Maintenance for all type roads throughout Malaysia especially for rental & purchase.

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We believe that sky's no limit. In growing our business, we will providing you the best services that meet your requirement as a customer.

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Traffic Control Plan

Implementation of temporary traffic control measures, including signage, signals, and flagging operations, to guide traffic through construction zones.

Construction Site

Tailored traffic management plans designed to accommodate the specific needs and challenges of your construction site.

Traffic Management Plan

Prioritizing safety, clear communication, and contingency planning ensures smooth traffic flow and minimal disruption during construction projects.

Road & Highway Maintenance

Implementation of intelligent transportation systems for efficient traffic flow.

Safety Equipment

High-visibility clothing, signage, barriers, and other safety measures to protect both workers and the public.

Signboard & Printing

Our team of creative designers works closely with you to craft unique and eye-catching signage that reflects your brand identity.

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Traffic Management Plan
A Traffic Management Plan (TMP) is a detailed document that outlines the strategies, procedures, and measures to manage traffic flow and ensure the safety of all road users during construction, events, or other activities that may impact normal traffic conditions.
We provide all types of signboards, including those that meet JKR and LLM specifications. We also offer custom signboards based on customer requirements, using 3M High Intensity Prismatic and Diamond Grade stickers.
Safety Equipment
Safety equipment is essential for protecting individuals in various environments, particularly in workplaces that involve hazardous conditions.
Road Signage
Guide signs in Malaysia are essential tools for aiding navigation and providing important information to drivers. These signs help road users reach their destinations efficiently and safely by offering directions, distances, and information about routes and facilities.
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Road Closure
Active Traffic Construction road closure services in Malaysia typically refer to the planned and temporary shutdown of a section of a road or an entire roadway for a specific period.
These plans aim to enhance traffic flow, reduce congestion, and most importantly, ensure the safety of all road users in our community.
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Our Mission, Vision & Values


Our Mission is to deliver the best possible result to our client, fulfill their expectation, need and requirements. This is done so as we see that Traffic Management and Human resources development should be the main pulse if any organization that intend to grow inward and outwardly at the same time. Our services are known on barrier developing the most practical ways and means of achieving and producing result from employees to the employers.


At ATC’s, we believe the sky’s not the limit. expanding the areas of possibilities, gears our strategies into moving our services to other regions and countries around the area, spanning the capacity to serve and further enhancing Traffic Management organization and the people around this core business. We believe that by managing both the people and equipment have no limitations. Hence, the emergency of a new fresh energy and exuberance for the new challenges in the near future.


We believe and the rest of the team, you and your organization will receive the kind of quality and services you expected from a leader. ATC’s delivery always involves as the needs of customers requiring change and as new opportunities is being created in the market. You can be rest assured that working with us, you will enjoy the latest technology and deliverance, new approach in Traffic Management methodology and development within the industry. Here at ATC’s our highest priority is satisfied customers, with means of measuring the ROI.

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